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KM – The Gatekeepers Sons – Eva Poehler

Title: The Gatekeeper’s Sons

Author: Eva Poehler

Series: Yes, 1st in the series

Category: Supernatural / Mythology / Action

Length: 385 pages

My rating: 9/10

Fifteen year old Therese was in the car with her parents during the fatal accident that killed them both. In real life, she is shy, quiet, unassuming. However, while in a coma in the hospital, she dreams of two men who are incredibly handsome, and decides, since she’s dreaming after all, she may as well do whatever she feels inclined to, even kissing both guys. Little does she know, she’s in the dream state that is somewhat real, and the guys she is tantalizing are Hypnos and Thanatos, the Gods of Sleep and Death, respectively.

Thanatos tries to make a deal with his father, Hades, in order to join the human realm and make Therese fall in love with him, so that he might take her as a bride. When Therese finds him working at her best friend’s farm, she is taken aback, and wondering how she could have dreamed about this man before ever seeing him, and he seems to act as though there’s some big joke going on. Was her dream real?

Overall, Therese ends up in the high court of the Gods and is forced to be put in an arena with the man who killed her parents to prove her worthiness. Can she do it? Can she deal out justice for the man who took her life away from her, and win the right to be with Thanatos, or will she falter? After all, she is only human.

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KM- Her Name Was Bitter: A Memoir – Mara D. Johnson

Title: Her Name Was Bitter: A Memoir

Author: Mara D. Johnson

Series: No

Category: Coming of Age/ Autobiography

Length: 259 pages

My rating: 10/10



*************DISCLAIMER: This book is not for the faint of heart, nor is this review. It deals with many different topics that are quite controversial. **************

This is one that I stumbled upon by accident, but it was definitely considered a good accident.

This is the story of Mara. She’s everything a little girl is supposed to be. A daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a grandchild. However, she is only those things in title. The family around her is oblivious to the things she goes through. A mother who has abandoned her, a father that is in and out of abusive relationships and prison, and an extended family who only uses her as a servant, unless one member of the family is molesting her. She faces her first pregnancy at 13, and forced to hide her pregnancy by the family, and put the baby up for adoption. As she grows up, things in life seem slated against her, one trouble after another befall her. Multiple pregnancies, abortions, drugs, alcohol all lead to her destruction. However, like a Phoenix, through every fire, she rises. She goes from a child who has been molested and has no direction in life or even where she’ll live the next week, to an entrepreneur, to a successful business woman, to the woman she is today. It shows that nearly anything can be overcome, and that in the end, persistence pays off. It also teaches there will be frogs to kiss before the prince arrives, and many of them can be disgusting.

This book was a real eye-opener for me. I have not been gifted with a life of pleasure and smooth sailing, but compared to this young woman, it changed my outlook. There’s always someone who has it worse than I do. I have had it quite easy compared to Mrs. Johnson. I had never even seen this closely into a situation of that nature, but reading this, I felt her pain. The words she poured out were the equivalent of blood and tears, though from the memoir, she’s shed enough of them already. I salute this woman for being strong, persistent, and respectable.




Memorable quotes – “Sometimes there is no wrong or right in feelings. You just feel the way you feel. You may not even like how you feel, but it doesn’t change that you feel that way.”

“I did not respect or listen to what people had to say, mostly because the only thing that was universal in humanity was imperfection.”

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KM-Misery’s Curse – J. Belinda Yandell


Title: Misery’s Curse

Author: J. Belinda Yandell

Series: Yes (#3 of the Cadian Chronicles)

Category: Drama / Historical Fiction / Mystery / Fantasy

Length:  261 pages

My Rating: 8/10

Misery’s Curse continues on with Lillitha and King Scearce’s daughter and her adventures after her father’s kingdom falls to the forces of the Shallan and Chancellor Paglia. She falls in to the care of an unlikely candidate, and he does the best he can to protect her. They seek shelter in any way they can, and find that even the ones they thought could be counted on, can’t be, when faced with Tey Myssirati.

Through side streets, gypsie camps, etc., straight in to the arms of Cadia-dedre Osane, Leah must find and forge her own path. She finds more allies in unexpected places, and moves amongst those that she felt the most gilted by, the Cadia. She enters as a novice, and must hide her true identity.

Chancellor Paglia, however, may finally be coming undone. Leah realizes she has inherited her mother’s gift of tadomani and has visions she can’t quite understand yet, but with the help of Cadia-dedre Osane, she will learn to hone her skills in each field, and to work her gifts to her advantage.

This series has continued to be quite enthralling. My main complaint is that the next one is not out yet. However, I’m noticing more and more typos and grammar inconsistencies as the series progresses, almost as though the author is in such a hurry to get it finished that she is overlooking the basics. With common sense though, the missing words and errors can easily be overlooked.

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KM-Misery’s Flight – J. Barbara Yandell


Title: Misery’s Flight

Author: J. Belinda Yandell

Series: Yes (#2 of the Cadian Chronicles)

Category: Drama / Historical Fiction / Mystery / Fantasy

Length:  301 pages

My Rating: 8.5/10

***********WARNING: This review may spoil the ending of the first book if you have not read it yet***************

Misery’s Flight picks up where Misery’s Child left off. Prince Scearce and Lillitha successfully make their way away from Oman Teret back to Jeptalla, not knowing what death and damage their elopement left in their wake. Once they arrive in the seat of Jeptalla, they are immediately married, and the province rejoices at having the beautiful new princess in their midst.

Soon, however, Lord General Bastrop, godfather of Prince Scearce, and good friend to both Rowle and King Tullus brings news to the Jeptallan seat and informs them of the demise of both of their fathers. Princess (now Queen) Lillitha screams so loudly and sorrowfully that it can be heard throughout the kingdom.

Slowly, Lillitha seems to lose her mind. They keep all sharp objects from her to keep herself from killing or harming herself. She is pregnant, and quite sick in the mind. Chancellor Paglia, still reeling from the loss of Lillitha as shallana breda, coerces the Shallan Varden to abolish the house of Kirrisian, turning the vidor-ship of the province over to Danaus, as well as put a bounty on King Scearce’s head. Worst of all, he convinces the Shallan to curse Lillitha and her child. The curse states that the child will be Tey Mysseratti (the cursed one), and that Lillitha shall labor for 7 days and 7 nights, one for each of the summers that she denied from the Shallan. Lillitha died during the 6th night of labor.

A group of citizens of Jeptalla conspire to break in and kill King Searce and tey Myseratti, believing that the child (an Abomination) is the reason the rains have stopped for so many seasons. They are unsuccessful due to one of them realizing, with a little heart, that the child is just that… a child.

Follow the adventure of a young girl barely 12 years old that must hide where ever she goes, and rely on only one man to protect her through the most difficult times of her life. For if she thought she was treated unfairly in the palace, she knows nothing of what awaits her on the outside.

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KM-Misery’s Child – J. Belinda Yandell


Title: Misery’s Child

Author: J. Belinda Yandell

Series: Yes (#1 of the Cadian Chronicles)

Category: Drama / Historical Fiction / Mystery

Length:  198 pages

My Rating: 8/10

The novel follows the almost Medieval sounding adventures of a group of territories, most notably, the house of the vidor (ruler) of the land of Kirrisian . Every noble family is supposed to prepare one daughter to be consecrated to offer to the Shallan for choice. When the Shallan chooses a wife, he keeps her for six summers, and requires a male child to be born. Whether the woman births a male child or not, she becomes a cadia, and is taken care of for the rest of her life, as well as her family is given honor; however, she may choose to return to her home after her 6 summers are up.
The vidor, Rowle, or Kirrisian, has a daughter named Lillitha that is being prepared for consecration. She is to be given one tenth of all that the family has (as a tithe to Oman), and is only allowed out of her tower if she is covered head to toe in veils and skirts. Her life consists of rituals required by Yannamarie, who dilligently teaches her how to be refined and completely consecrated.
The younger sister, Marta, is jealous of Lillitha’s special treatment, although she knows she is allowed to do things that Lillitha can never even dream of being able to do. The oldest born, a male named Jonil, has perished from his rogue-ish ways. Also, Lillitha has a childhood crush, Prince Scearce, whom she has not seen in ages, and stopped writing to her suddenly, and inexplicably.
The time comes for the families and citizens to make the pilgrimage to Oman Teret, the home of the cadia and the Shallan. Will Lillitha be chosen? She is both excited and nervous, frightened, and doubtful by the time she actually makes it there. Between rogues, murder, riots, and many other harmful things for her family… In the end, what will it all come to?

In my opinion, the book was pretty great. I’m not usually in to historical fiction, but the Cadia and the customs of this fictitious land were quite engaging to the mind. I could almost feel Lillitha’s anguish, fear, loss, dreams, and hopes. I am definitely looking forward to the sequels!

Link to Amazon book:

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KM-Miles to go Before You Sleep – Dennis James Browne


Title: Miles to go Before You Sleep

Author: Dennis James Browne

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Myster

Length:  206 pages

My Rating: 8/10

The thing that made me purchase this book is that it was described as a modernized Wuthering Heights with an evil Holden Caulfield.

I was not disappointed. The story begins with a young Miles Spaulding and Clare, his cousin, who live with his father and her mother. Clare’s father and Miles’s mother were killed in a boating accident when they were very young. Georgianne, Clare’s mother, seems to have a lot of hostility toward Miles and his father, Robert.

Miles narrates the majority of the story in first person, and it’s quite reminiscent of the narrations of Holden Caulfield. A sick, demented boy who constantly thinks he is better than every one else, and occasional takes to calling his audience beneath him.

Fast foward twenty years. Clare is married to a business man and they have a twenty year old daughter, Angela. She is strikingly beautiful, and seems to be able to entrance almost any man. However, all of her life, she’s known Clare’s husband to be her father. Is he? Or is the young, Greek lover she had around the time of conception? Or is it someone else entirely?

Someone is trying to stop DNA testing that Angela insists on. Leading to an almost-successful attempt on the Greek, James Andreos’s life, as well as framing Clare’s husband and father-in-law for the hit taken out on Andreos.

Who’s really behind it all?

This novel was quite a surprise for me. I was almost white-knuckle gripping my Kindle the entire time. It was such a tour in to the darker side of the human mind, and the end of the book left me reeling, wondering, “How much of a father’s blood can affect his offspring?” Very action packed, with lots of twisted incidents, devious thoughts, and surprises around every corner. Definitely worth a shot, especially if you enjoyed the narration style of Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye.

Amazon Link :

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KM-Odd Thomas – Dean Koontz


Title: Odd Thomas

Author: Dean Koontz

Series: Yes (#1)

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural / Action / Mystery

Length:  480 pages

My Rating: 10/10

In the small town of Pico Mundo, California, there lives a 20 year old of the brink of manhood named Odd Thomas. A strange name for a strange man. Odd Thomas can see the dead. Sometimes they come to him for vengeance for their murders. Others come to him for solace, to find the peace to cross over to the other side. And still others are just… there. They haunt the places they choose to. However, the dead don’t talk. No major ties, because he never knows where his “gift” will take him. With the arrival of a stranger in town whom Odd refers to as “Fungus Man”, the small town begins to teem with creatures that predict evil and bloodshed.

Odd has a simple life, bare essentials, nothing too complicated. No vehicle or cell phone to complicate his life. He has one love, Stormy Llewellyn, friends in most of the townsfolk, and a special relationship with the chief of police, Chief Porter. Porter knows his secret and often helps him when Odd finds himself in an “odd spot”. This time, he must make some difficult decisions, and face some of the hardest situations he’s faced in his entire life. And it’s only the beginning.


First, I must say, I LOVED this book. This is definitely one of my top 5 of all time. The characters, even the ones that aren’t at the forefront of the story, become like a family. You  can truly feel Odd’s love for these people. The character development is outstanding, it honestly feels like you know all of these people, and in the tense moments, you feel your heart rate speed up and Odd’s anxiety. This one was definitely a page turner, and I was unable to put it down until the very last page. I laughed, I felt Odd’s pain and emotions, I cried… This is a book that can truly bring you in to another world and make you lose track of reality as you sympathize with the plights of the twenty year old that has to deal with so much more than he ever asked for or deserved.


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KM-Angelic – L. P. Swalheim


Title: Angelic

Author: L. P. Swalheim

Series: Yes – Book 1

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural

Length: 427 pages

My Rating 5/10

This book was almost exactly if the Desolation series by Ali Cross and Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer were mixed in a blender. It wasn’t bad, but then again, I enjoyed the Twilight series. It was fairly well paced, nice content. I was just disappointed by the fact that it was almost exactly like Twilight and Desolation. For the first few chapters, I had to check the cover to make sure it wasn’t one of those.

Sixteen year old Ariel is asked to show the new guy around school, and is immediately taken aback by his beauty. She knows he’s keeping something from her, and things start to happen that at first intimidate, then threaten, Ariel and Liam’s lives. Together, they set out on a mission to discover what their relationship may have to do with the end of the world.

Due to the events in this first book, I’m curious to see how the rest of the series will turn out. In itself, it could have been a standalone book. There were quite a few events that could have been spread out in to several books as well, with more details. I’ll be checking out the rest of the series just to see what happens.


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KM-Destined: Book 3 of the Desolation Series – Ali Cross


Title: Destined

Author: Ali Cross

Series: Yes, Book 3/3

Category: YA/Supernatural

Length: 378 pages

Publisher: Novel Ninjutsu (first published December 10th 2012)

My Rating: 9.5/10

Choices are bad for Desolation, because she never seems to make the correct one. The battle rages on of good vs evil within Desi. Those around her are in increasing danger, and the book begins with Desolation in a position where she can do nothing to help. Her friends associated with the Hallowed show that there is no cost too great to rescue her. Michael is forbidden to reach her by Odin.

On Earth, the true battle has begun. Helena, Goddess of Helheimer, has joined forces with the Gods of other worlds in order to bring Midgard down. Will Desolation, the Hallowed, and her newfound allies in Asgard be able to stop the destruction?

This was a fantastic ending to the series, with quite a few reveals. You learn more about the characters that intrigued throughout the story, including Longinus, Fiahre, and of course, Loki (Lucifer).

My only regret is that the series won’t continue, because the big “reveal” toward the end could lead to an entire new series.

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KM-Desolate – Book 2 of the Desolation Series – Ali Cross


Title: Desolate

Author: Ali Cross

Series: Yes, Book 2/3

Category: YA/Supernatural

Length: 335 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 31, 2012)

My Rating: 9/10

Desolation, daughter of Lucifer, continues on her journey through Earth. Unknown evils are coming, and she still struggles with her own identity. She is faced with the choice of returning to her home, in Hell, with her familiar, cold, dark, rooms and lack of emotions. She longs for it. However, on Earth, she now has people she cares for. People that she believes are worth saving. She is faced with the ultimate choice, remain on Earth and save her best friend, Miri; or send her beloved, Michael, to Hell?

Once the choice is made, Miri begins to have dreams of a coming evil. The Hallowed, a group assembled to fight Loki and his demons, and hopefully stop the Ragnarok, are even unaware of what could be coming.

A new demon arises, one that even Desi, who spent eons in Hell, is unfamiliar with. And so begins the battle. Good versus evil. Love against the actions that would be better for the human race. And sometimes, the choices blur the lines between good and evil. Are those choices permanent?

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