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KM- Freud’s Revenge – PJ Adams

Title: Freud’s Revenge

Author: PJ Adams

Series: No

Category: Psychological Thriller/ Mystery / Murder

Length: 298 pages

My rating: 9/10

In a private practice mental health clinic, Amanda is a psychologist that has seen just about everything, until one Monday morning, all hell breaks loose. A patient has a meltdown in the lobby, causing quite the stir among the other people at the clinic, and shaking up the staff. It’s not the first time it’s happened. However, a few days later, the clinic’s only psychiatrist winds up dead from an apparent murder. That is a first for the clinic. The detectives, headed by Nick, who has worked with Amanda in the past, have their work cut out for them during the investigation.
Who killed the slightly eccentric, annoying doctor? Was it Nancy, the bold, strong woman who couldn’t stand him? Was it the power couple that owned the clinic trying to “clean up a mess” before allegations came to light? Was it Carl, the patient who had a break down in the lobby? One of the interns? Or was it a patient whom he’d had committed, coming to take revenge?
Follow the twists and turns of the investigation and everyone’s dirty laundry is aired.

I quite enjoyed this one. Being a psychology student, I enjoyed the information that was given throughout the book. The characters were well developed and the story line was solid. Even I couldn’t have guessed the ending!

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KM – Essie’s House – Robert Meyerson

Title: Essie’s House

Author: Robert Meyerson

Series: No

Category: Supernatural / Psychological Thriller

Length: 263 pages

My rating: 7/10

Brenda and Gary are a typical couple facing today’s problems. Brenda is unhappy with her job, and due to the current economy, Gary is out of work completely. One day, their unsatisfied, but routine lives are shaken up when Brenda gets a call from a Mr. Higgins, who was supposedly the attorney to her Uncle Jacob. Learning her uncle has passed on, Brenda yearns for the lost chance to get to know her uncle, though he left his entire estate to her.
Uncle Jacob ran an antiques and salvage company. The building that he has willed to Brenda seems daunting to the couple as they move in and try to sort through the strange, vast amount of junk, antiquities, and oddities. Little do they know, there’s more to the building than just items, and there’s more to the items than the mere substance of them. Strange events start occurring, which leads to secrets, long buried, deep resurfacing, and the couple must battle for their sanity…and their lives.

This wasn’t one of my favorites, but it wasn’t terrible. I feel as though there was something missing in the middle of the novel, when things start to change, as if the descent to madness wasn’t very convincing. It also left quite a few things unexplained, which highly annoys me. It was worth the read, but would never make it to the “favorite” list.

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KM-Doctor Sleep – Stephen King


Title: Doctor Sleep

Author: Stephen King

Series: LONG AWAITED Sequel to The Shining

Category: Drama / Mystery / Paranormal

Length:  544 pages

My Rating: 9/10

Nearly 40 years after the debut of The Shining, King has finally published a sequel!

Doctor Sleep follows Dan Torrance (yes, Danny, from the Shining) through his alcoholic turmoil, AA, and finding a new life for himself, away from The Overlook, but never quite free. Some of the Residents haunt him still. With the help of Dick Halloran (the chef from The Shining), he begins to learn how to control the lingering effects, although he can’t outrun “The Shine.”

After beginning his new life as an orderly for a hospice home, he quickly earns the nickname, Doctor Sleep. He begins to be visited by what he senses to be a young girl, and she leaves messages for him on his blackboard.

Across town, a baby is born. They name her Abra Stone. Strange things occur around the baby, including a crying fit that persists for hours preceding the 9/11 attack, and abruptly stops as the towers are hit. Abra’s parents notice strange things around her, and her grandmother hints that she may have the Shine as well.

Abra and Dan must convince her parents that he’s okay, and that what they experience is real, in order to band together to fight the True Knot, which travel across the country, killing children with the Shine in order to “drink their steam.” With Dan’s alcohol problems, the stigma surrounding her and Dan’s relationship, and all the other adversities they’re facing, can they stop them?

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KM-Everywhere But No Place (Messages From The Unseen World) – Mark Foster


Title: Everywhere But No Place (Messages From the Unseen World)

Author: Mark Foster

Series: Yes, 1st in series

Category: Drama / Mystery / Technology / Suspense

Length:  531 pages

My Rating: 8/10

A clinical psychologist named Hans Schleiman has come up with a better system for “rehabilitating” criminals in our prison systems. A “Schleiman Tank”, which houses a prisoner and keeps them on life support for the duration of their sentence, allows the prisoner to be transported in to a virtual reality that will house him for the amount of time that he/she are imprisoned. This cuts down on costs of housing, feeding, issues of overcrowding, etc., all by allowing hundreds of inmates to reside in what is essentially a glass sarcophagus within a warehouse. While still in the experimental stages, Jack Denver, armed robber and murderer, is put into a tank after weeks of preparation.

Jack Denver wakes up in an unknown world after being submerged in the tank. It’s a basic, crude world lacking most of today’s amenities, notably, technology. Through his adventure in finding sanctum among a local village and befriending an enigmatic man named Vale, he learns that this “virtual reality” takes place after the year 14,000, when technology has already caused the fall of mankind. Now, even owning books about technology can be punishable by crucifixion. He begins to make a new life, and becomes comfortable in the new world.

Meanwhile, back in the “real” world, a man named Haze is desperately trying to track down Denver, and work his way in to the world Denver is currently inhabiting, regardless of it being a secure network and nearly impenetrable fortress. His life hangs in the balance depending on whether or not he can recover information from Denver.

Haze’s entrance in to the world threatens the very fabric of the existence of the virtual reality world, and causes major ripples and tears within the world that cannot completely be healed by the Host.

Will the world hold up long enough for Haze to save his own life and Denver’s family’s lives, or will the entire virtual reality collapse before anything can be accomplished?
While Science Fiction is normally out of my genre, this one was quite the read. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I could feel the emotions that Foster put in to creating each character, and could tell that he had a genuine love for writing. For anyone who is a fan of science fiction or virtual reality, alternate universes, etc., it’s a must-read.

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KMThe Doll Collection – Joanna Stephen-Ward


Title: The Doll Collection

Author: Joanna Stephen-Ward

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Psychological Thriller

Length:  253 pages

My Rating: 5.5/10

The Doll Collection is the story of a woman named Gloria, who is the embodiment of evil. Strange things happen to people who cross Gloria. A best friend who steals her boyfriend ends up dying from a peanut allergy. A landlord who talks badly about her falls down the stairs to the basement and dies.

Gloria has a doll collection, and each doll bears a resemblance to the ones around her that have died. Now, she is subletting from a young man named Maurice. She comes in to his house and cleans and changes everything, insisting they become engaged, and he reluctantly just goes along with her. He finds her peculiar, but doesn’t think of her as too much of a threat. At least, not at first. He has enough of his own drama going on in life to worry much about her. He’s struggling to make ends meet as his landlords desperately try to evict him.

The landlords open new flats next door to Maurice and Gloria. A beautiful, young, newlywed couple in the ground flat, and a young, gorgeous, freshly single freelance writer moves in to the upper flat. At first, Gloria tries to be nice and friendly, but quickly begins to resent them, for no real reason at all. The neighbors are off put by her and her prying, and poor Maurice is subjected to constant streams of chatter and gossip from Gloria. During her rants, he starts to realize she may be a bit off balance, and he begins to fear her.

The neighbors are overheard talking negatively about Gloria, and she tells her dolls that very soon, they may have three new friends…..

I found this to be an interesting novel, but the ending was quite anti-climatic for the build up it was given. And it’s hard to differentiate in who was the main character, whether it was Maurice or Gloria. Either way, it was a nice, quick read, and sometimes hard to put down because you never knew what Gloria would do next. I gave it a fairly low rating because of how disappointing the ending was.

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KM-Sam – Iain Rob Wright


Title: Sam

Author: Iain Rob Wright

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural / Action / Mystery / Horror

Length:  253 pages

My Rating: 9.2/10

An excommunicated lesbian priest, Angela, and a “ghost hunter”/debunker name Tim are tested and brought in the dead of night to a mansion in the middle of nowhere. They only thing they are told is that the Lady of the House needs their help. No details are given as to what kind of help she needs or expects of them. The only thing they are told at first is that Jessica’s son, Sam, is very sick, and she expects their utmost respect for their privacy, and that they will be paid very well for their time. A strange butler with an air of superiority, Frank, and two body guards also occupy the mansion.

Upon meeting Sammie, Angela and Tim are unsure what to think. The child had already been viewed by almost all types of physicians, from pediatricians to psychiatrists. No one has been able to come to a conclusion. The child is pale, emaciated, and his teeth are rotting out of his mouth. He spends his time watching South Park and drawing things straight from people’s nightmares. Literally. He draws a scene for Angela of when her congregation was slaughtered right in front of her. Sammie speaks with the air of a person much older and more sophisticated than a normal ten-year-old boy. Jessica explains that there have been many “accidents” in the household in the few weeks since Sammie “got sick”. His father killed himself, staff would suffer from freak accidents causing grievous injuries and sometimes death. Most of the staff had already quit.

Angela and Tim begin as strangers and soon become close friends and allies in this house of horror, unsure of whether there is actually something wrong, or if they’re being set up for some sick joke. As things begin to get more sinister by the hour, Angela begins to reevaluate her belief in God, and Tim begins to wonder if this could be a legitimate possession. The two vow to stick it out to the end. Through twists and turns, and a rollercoaster of fear and doubt, the two struggle to survive the seemingly endless night that has fallen.

This book had me gripped from the start. The background stories of Angela and Tim are amazingly well written and thought out. The entire story is quite creepy, and I had a hard time putting it down. I even lost quite a bit of sleep because I just could not  stop reading! Sammie is quite the frightening little boy, and the entire novel is action packed. Not to mention a twist ending to blow your mind!

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KM-The Shadow Walker – S. L. Madden


Title: The Shadow Walker

Author: S. L. Madden

Series: No

Category: Drama / Action / Supernatural

Length: Approx. 291 pages

My Rating 8/10

The Shadow Walker is the tale of a young man named Thomas Hurd, abandoned via emancipation by his parents, who chose to stay in his own hometown. Thomas doesn’t really have any special powers, unless you count being socially awkward as a super power. He watches people. Working as a delivery man for a local pizza place, Thomas learns the names of the people in his town, and after work, takes a different route every night of the week to watch the residents of his town. He’s not a pervert, he’s not a stalker, he merely does not understand or know how to interact with people. Therefore, by watching them, he feels closer to them.

Until one night, as he watches one of his favorite houses, the home of an elderly couple very much still in love. He sees a shadow leaning over the gentleman, after the wife has already kissed him goodnight. The next morning, he learns the gentleman has died.

With recurring nightmares of drowning and a skeletal tree, a best friend who does not approve or like Thomas’s new love interest (Maddi), shadow creatures stalking the resident of the town, a past hidden by his subconscious reappearing, and a dysfunctional family, Thomas must face a lot of adversity. It all comes together in a wonderful, suspenseful tale, and a challenge for Thomas to save the entire human race.

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