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KM – Essie’s House – Robert Meyerson

Title: Essie’s House

Author: Robert Meyerson

Series: No

Category: Supernatural / Psychological Thriller

Length: 263 pages

My rating: 7/10

Brenda and Gary are a typical couple facing today’s problems. Brenda is unhappy with her job, and due to the current economy, Gary is out of work completely. One day, their unsatisfied, but routine lives are shaken up when Brenda gets a call from a Mr. Higgins, who was supposedly the attorney to her Uncle Jacob. Learning her uncle has passed on, Brenda yearns for the lost chance to get to know her uncle, though he left his entire estate to her.
Uncle Jacob ran an antiques and salvage company. The building that he has willed to Brenda seems daunting to the couple as they move in and try to sort through the strange, vast amount of junk, antiquities, and oddities. Little do they know, there’s more to the building than just items, and there’s more to the items than the mere substance of them. Strange events start occurring, which leads to secrets, long buried, deep resurfacing, and the couple must battle for their sanity…and their lives.

This wasn’t one of my favorites, but it wasn’t terrible. I feel as though there was something missing in the middle of the novel, when things start to change, as if the descent to madness wasn’t very convincing. It also left quite a few things unexplained, which highly annoys me. It was worth the read, but would never make it to the “favorite” list.

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KM-Doctor Sleep – Stephen King


Title: Doctor Sleep

Author: Stephen King

Series: LONG AWAITED Sequel to The Shining

Category: Drama / Mystery / Paranormal

Length:  544 pages

My Rating: 9/10

Nearly 40 years after the debut of The Shining, King has finally published a sequel!

Doctor Sleep follows Dan Torrance (yes, Danny, from the Shining) through his alcoholic turmoil, AA, and finding a new life for himself, away from The Overlook, but never quite free. Some of the Residents haunt him still. With the help of Dick Halloran (the chef from The Shining), he begins to learn how to control the lingering effects, although he can’t outrun “The Shine.”

After beginning his new life as an orderly for a hospice home, he quickly earns the nickname, Doctor Sleep. He begins to be visited by what he senses to be a young girl, and she leaves messages for him on his blackboard.

Across town, a baby is born. They name her Abra Stone. Strange things occur around the baby, including a crying fit that persists for hours preceding the 9/11 attack, and abruptly stops as the towers are hit. Abra’s parents notice strange things around her, and her grandmother hints that she may have the Shine as well.

Abra and Dan must convince her parents that he’s okay, and that what they experience is real, in order to band together to fight the True Knot, which travel across the country, killing children with the Shine in order to “drink their steam.” With Dan’s alcohol problems, the stigma surrounding her and Dan’s relationship, and all the other adversities they’re facing, can they stop them?

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KM-Gingerbread Man – Maggie Shayne


Title: Gingerbread Man

Author: Maggie Shayne

Series: No

Category: Drama / Mystery / Horror / Suspense

Length:  340 pages

My Rating: 9/10

Detective Vince O’Mally from the Syracuse Police Department is investigating the murder of two local children. At the scene, where the bodies are found, he finds a copy of The Gingerbread Man that had last been checked out of a library almost 20 years prior to this incident.

Holly Newman and her mother, Doris, relocated to the small town of Dilmun, New York to allow themselves the time and space to heal from a horrific tragedy.

Follow Detective O’Mally as he unravels the mystery surrounding Holly’s past horrors, and his fight against falling for the “damaged goods”.

Can everyone work together and stop being suspicious of one another in time to prevent other innocent children from being hurt?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was one I couldn’t put down. The entire time I was reading, I felt truly involved with the story line and characters. The twist at the end was completely unpredictable, which is uncommon for me. I’m not often caught off guard by a plot turn!

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KM-Sam – Iain Rob Wright


Title: Sam

Author: Iain Rob Wright

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural / Action / Mystery / Horror

Length:  253 pages

My Rating: 9.2/10

An excommunicated lesbian priest, Angela, and a “ghost hunter”/debunker name Tim are tested and brought in the dead of night to a mansion in the middle of nowhere. They only thing they are told is that the Lady of the House needs their help. No details are given as to what kind of help she needs or expects of them. The only thing they are told at first is that Jessica’s son, Sam, is very sick, and she expects their utmost respect for their privacy, and that they will be paid very well for their time. A strange butler with an air of superiority, Frank, and two body guards also occupy the mansion.

Upon meeting Sammie, Angela and Tim are unsure what to think. The child had already been viewed by almost all types of physicians, from pediatricians to psychiatrists. No one has been able to come to a conclusion. The child is pale, emaciated, and his teeth are rotting out of his mouth. He spends his time watching South Park and drawing things straight from people’s nightmares. Literally. He draws a scene for Angela of when her congregation was slaughtered right in front of her. Sammie speaks with the air of a person much older and more sophisticated than a normal ten-year-old boy. Jessica explains that there have been many “accidents” in the household in the few weeks since Sammie “got sick”. His father killed himself, staff would suffer from freak accidents causing grievous injuries and sometimes death. Most of the staff had already quit.

Angela and Tim begin as strangers and soon become close friends and allies in this house of horror, unsure of whether there is actually something wrong, or if they’re being set up for some sick joke. As things begin to get more sinister by the hour, Angela begins to reevaluate her belief in God, and Tim begins to wonder if this could be a legitimate possession. The two vow to stick it out to the end. Through twists and turns, and a rollercoaster of fear and doubt, the two struggle to survive the seemingly endless night that has fallen.

This book had me gripped from the start. The background stories of Angela and Tim are amazingly well written and thought out. The entire story is quite creepy, and I had a hard time putting it down. I even lost quite a bit of sleep because I just could not  stop reading! Sammie is quite the frightening little boy, and the entire novel is action packed. Not to mention a twist ending to blow your mind!

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KM-Apparition – Michaelbrent Collings




Title: Apparition

Author: Michaelbrent Collings

Series: No

Category: Drama / Action / Supernatural

Length: Approx. 425 pages

My Rating 9/10


Apparition is the story of two children, Ella and Matthew Wills, who face one of the most horrific instances that any child could ever fear to encounter. Their loving, normal, sane  mother, one night decides to attempt to kill both children, and gravely wounds the father in the process. They are attempting to move on, when the same horror faces them yet again. They seem to sense something strange in their new house, and a simmering anger boiling underneath the surface of their usually mild, adoring father.

What causes parents to kill their children? It’s an all-too-common occurrence, although it goes completely against human nature. Everyone knows a parent’s first instinct is to automatically protect their children, even above themselves, so what could possibly possess a mother or father to want to harm the ones they should treasure and protect above all others? Is there a gene, a level of insanity that they’re pushed to, or is it something worse…something that can’t be escaped?

Another outstanding novel by Michaelbrent Collings. I couldn’t put it down. I was gripped in the throes of horror, enchantment, and complete fascination through the entire thing. It was definitely a one day novel, since I couldn’t bring myself to put it down!

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KM-The Loon – MichaelBrent Collings


Title: The Loon

Author: MichaelBrent Collings

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural / Action / Thriller

Length: 374 pages

My Rating 9.5/10

The Crane Institue, a high security, isolated place for the most criminally insane, is often commonly referred to by staff as “The Loon”. There is a white out coming, a Montana storm that will knock out all communications, television, etc. The staff is preparing for a lockdown and putting their faith in a generator in case of power outage, which would back up the electromagnetic locks on the cells for 127 of the worlds most awful criminals. One of my favorite quotes,

“of the one hundred twenty-seven men at the end of this corridor,

one hundred twenty-six of them would be more than happy to pull your

eyes out with their fingers and eat them.”

“What about the last one?”

“If the others are evil, that one is the devil.”

The story follows the turmoils of Dr. Paul Wiseman’s past and the convergence of several lives who all end up, for one reason or another, taking shelter at the Loon at one of the most dangerous times in the history of the institute. While the doctor, the unexpected visitors, the guards, and staff fight to survive, there is unleashed a horror more awful than any of the inmates of the institute, and secrets unravel about the truth about what the owner, Dr. Crane, is really working towards by running the institute.

This was an amazing read, in my opinion. I was highly impressed, as I’ve never read anything by MichaelBrent Collings before, and had heretofore never even heard his name. However, just from reading this one novel, I have purchased several of his others, and am grouping him with The Greats (Stephen King & Dean Koontz). It seems as though my two authors to watch have become a trio!

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KM-Berserk – Tim Lebbon


Title: Berserk

Author: Tim Lebbon

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural

Length: 337 pages

My Rating 7/10

As a first time reader of Tim Lebbon, I was cautious as always with a new author, unsure if I would like the writing style and story line. Not to mention that the Amazon description was pretty vague. I was pleasantly surprised.

You follow the main character, Tom, on his journey to find the grave of his ten-year-dead son, Steven. He was killed in an Army “training accident”. Little does Tom know, digging up old graves also digs up secrets, unknowns, and unimaginable horrors. Natasha is a character that, by human nature, you want to dislike, but you cannot  help but sympathize with the 10-year-old girl-turned-monster.

The action begins fairly quickly in, and it’s quite the thrill ride as you find out secrets that the British Royal Army attempted to cover up from a secret facility called Porton Down, and the horrors unleashed by digging up on single mass grave.

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