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KM-The Blacker House – Nicole Mulloy


Title: The Blacker House

Author: Nicole Mulloy

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural

Length: 334 pages

My Rating 3/10¬†(and that’s being generous)

This story is loosely based on a “haunted house” located in Huntington, WV. It deals with a 16 year old girl named Kate who is moved across the country with her family when he mother gets a new job. She leaves behind her boyfriend who is a freshman in college (a point ¬†Mulloy made about 1600 times), Jacob. Most of the story is Kate moping and moaning and whining about how much she misses Jacob, but is attracted two of the guys at her new school. Some strange events start to happen in the house, such as spinning chandeliers and rocks appearing in strange places, but overall nothing too scream worthy. She teams up with the two guys she’s interested in and does some “investigation” in to the house’s history. While the backstory of the house is quite interesting, the book was overall a disappointment. It really was not worth the read. As I stated, most of the 334 pages were about Kate whining and moaning about her boyfriend.

I was just not impressed with this. It was a light read, maybe for when you feel like reading something that takes less brain cells to comprehend than watching an episode of Duck Dynasty. The history of the house could have allowed for so much potential, but it just wasn’t reached in this novel.

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