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KM – The Gatekeepers Sons – Eva Poehler

Title: The Gatekeeper’s Sons

Author: Eva Poehler

Series: Yes, 1st in the series

Category: Supernatural / Mythology / Action

Length: 385 pages

My rating: 9/10

Fifteen year old Therese was in the car with her parents during the fatal accident that killed them both. In real life, she is shy, quiet, unassuming. However, while in a coma in the hospital, she dreams of two men who are incredibly handsome, and decides, since she’s dreaming after all, she may as well do whatever she feels inclined to, even kissing both guys. Little does she know, she’s in the dream state that is somewhat real, and the guys she is tantalizing are Hypnos and Thanatos, the Gods of Sleep and Death, respectively.

Thanatos tries to make a deal with his father, Hades, in order to join the human realm and make Therese fall in love with him, so that he might take her as a bride. When Therese finds him working at her best friend’s farm, she is taken aback, and wondering how she could have dreamed about this man before ever seeing him, and he seems to act as though there’s some big joke going on. Was her dream real?

Overall, Therese ends up in the high court of the Gods and is forced to be put in an arena with the man who killed her parents to prove her worthiness. Can she do it? Can she deal out justice for the man who took her life away from her, and win the right to be with Thanatos, or will she falter? After all, she is only human.

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KM- Freud’s Revenge – PJ Adams

Title: Freud’s Revenge

Author: PJ Adams

Series: No

Category: Psychological Thriller/ Mystery / Murder

Length: 298 pages

My rating: 9/10

In a private practice mental health clinic, Amanda is a psychologist that has seen just about everything, until one Monday morning, all hell breaks loose. A patient has a meltdown in the lobby, causing quite the stir among the other people at the clinic, and shaking up the staff. It’s not the first time it’s happened. However, a few days later, the clinic’s only psychiatrist winds up dead from an apparent murder. That is a first for the clinic. The detectives, headed by Nick, who has worked with Amanda in the past, have their work cut out for them during the investigation.
Who killed the slightly eccentric, annoying doctor? Was it Nancy, the bold, strong woman who couldn’t stand him? Was it the power couple that owned the clinic trying to “clean up a mess” before allegations came to light? Was it Carl, the patient who had a break down in the lobby? One of the interns? Or was it a patient whom he’d had committed, coming to take revenge?
Follow the twists and turns of the investigation and everyone’s dirty laundry is aired.

I quite enjoyed this one. Being a psychology student, I enjoyed the information that was given throughout the book. The characters were well developed and the story line was solid. Even I couldn’t have guessed the ending!

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KM – Essie’s House – Robert Meyerson

Title: Essie’s House

Author: Robert Meyerson

Series: No

Category: Supernatural / Psychological Thriller

Length: 263 pages

My rating: 7/10

Brenda and Gary are a typical couple facing today’s problems. Brenda is unhappy with her job, and due to the current economy, Gary is out of work completely. One day, their unsatisfied, but routine lives are shaken up when Brenda gets a call from a Mr. Higgins, who was supposedly the attorney to her Uncle Jacob. Learning her uncle has passed on, Brenda yearns for the lost chance to get to know her uncle, though he left his entire estate to her.
Uncle Jacob ran an antiques and salvage company. The building that he has willed to Brenda seems daunting to the couple as they move in and try to sort through the strange, vast amount of junk, antiquities, and oddities. Little do they know, there’s more to the building than just items, and there’s more to the items than the mere substance of them. Strange events start occurring, which leads to secrets, long buried, deep resurfacing, and the couple must battle for their sanity…and their lives.

This wasn’t one of my favorites, but it wasn’t terrible. I feel as though there was something missing in the middle of the novel, when things start to change, as if the descent to madness wasn’t very convincing. It also left quite a few things unexplained, which highly annoys me. It was worth the read, but would never make it to the “favorite” list.

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KM- Her Name Was Bitter: A Memoir – Mara D. Johnson

Title: Her Name Was Bitter: A Memoir

Author: Mara D. Johnson

Series: No

Category: Coming of Age/ Autobiography

Length: 259 pages

My rating: 10/10



*************DISCLAIMER: This book is not for the faint of heart, nor is this review. It deals with many different topics that are quite controversial. **************

This is one that I stumbled upon by accident, but it was definitely considered a good accident.

This is the story of Mara. She’s everything a little girl is supposed to be. A daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a grandchild. However, she is only those things in title. The family around her is oblivious to the things she goes through. A mother who has abandoned her, a father that is in and out of abusive relationships and prison, and an extended family who only uses her as a servant, unless one member of the family is molesting her. She faces her first pregnancy at 13, and forced to hide her pregnancy by the family, and put the baby up for adoption. As she grows up, things in life seem slated against her, one trouble after another befall her. Multiple pregnancies, abortions, drugs, alcohol all lead to her destruction. However, like a Phoenix, through every fire, she rises. She goes from a child who has been molested and has no direction in life or even where she’ll live the next week, to an entrepreneur, to a successful business woman, to the woman she is today. It shows that nearly anything can be overcome, and that in the end, persistence pays off. It also teaches there will be frogs to kiss before the prince arrives, and many of them can be disgusting.

This book was a real eye-opener for me. I have not been gifted with a life of pleasure and smooth sailing, but compared to this young woman, it changed my outlook. There’s always someone who has it worse than I do. I have had it quite easy compared to Mrs. Johnson. I had never even seen this closely into a situation of that nature, but reading this, I felt her pain. The words she poured out were the equivalent of blood and tears, though from the memoir, she’s shed enough of them already. I salute this woman for being strong, persistent, and respectable.




Memorable quotes – “Sometimes there is no wrong or right in feelings. You just feel the way you feel. You may not even like how you feel, but it doesn’t change that you feel that way.”

“I did not respect or listen to what people had to say, mostly because the only thing that was universal in humanity was imperfection.”

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KM- Demon Child – Deanna Dwyer (Dean Koontz’s pseudonym)


Title: Demon Child

Author: Deanna Dwyer (Dean Koontz)

Series: No

Category: Mystery, Occult, Suspense

Length:  244 pages

My Rating: 5/10

This is one of Koontz’s earlier works under the pen-name of Deanna Dwyer. Written back in 1971 before Koontz really hit his stride and became the phenomenal author we know and love.

The plot begins with a 21 year old college graduate, Jenny, who decides to spend her summer before starting her teaching career at her rich aunt’s estate. According to her aunt Cora, there is a family curse that causes one child in every generation to howl at the moon and crave blood, basically, become a werewolf. Her cousin, Cora’s stepson, is not so convinced that it’s supernatural or occult in origin, but more psychiatric. Follow the battles that Jenny experiences between Cora and Richard, the doctors testing a poor child, Freya, and a budding romance.

For me, I could sense a bit of the Koontz-that-would-later-be. However, apparently his story telling was not at it’s peak during the Deanna Dwyer phase. It was a nice, easy read, with a nice twist ending. As much as I wish I could give higher accolades to my long-adored Koontz, I can only say the story was simply, “nice.”

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KM- The Green Mile – Stephen King


Title: The Green Mile

Author: Stephen King

Series: No

Category: Mystery,

Length:  544 pages

My Rating: 10/10

The Green Mile documents prison guard, Paul Edgecombe, and his last days working “The Green Mile”. During his time of writing his manuscript, he comes in contact with John Coffey (like the drink, but spelled different), who is unlike anyone he’s ever known. The man is a giant accused of the murder and rape of two young girls. Coffey has extraordinary powers unlike any of the hardened workers on Block E have ever encountered. As details emerge and the suspense builds, will Edgecombe and his coworkers be able to follow through with the unthinkable?

This book definitely caught me off guard. I’d seen the movie plenty of times, but never actually took the time to read the novel. It was enough to move me to tears. The gentle giant, Coffey, will completely touch your heart and reach in to its depths, and make you wonder what you could really do if you were faced with a difficult choice.

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KM-The Vanished – Sarah Dalton


Title: The Vanished

Author: Sarah Dalton

Series: Yes, 2nd of the Blemished Series

Category: Dystopian

Length:  295 pages

My Rating: 8/10

“You’re part of the vanished now. That’s what we all are. The people who have been forgotten.”

After Mina and her friends make it out of Area 14 in hopes of being able to live a “normal life”, the secrets, lies, and conspiracies are just beginning. Her friends are divided, and the only one she can count on is her boyfriend. Even her father has been harboring secrets from her. The compounds are the place that people have fled to get out from under the control of the GEM, but there are just as many adversaries there, especially toward Mina and her friends for bringing Sebastian with them. With a war brewing on the Horizon, and a new group of people with “special” abilities akin to Mina, will she be able to survive and keep her new family in tact?

This was a great follow up, that definitely didn’t suffer from the sophomore slump. It was quite gripping, and a fantastic story line. The characters are well developed, well-spoken, and seem to be as real as you and I. Dalton definitely has no issue making her characters in to 3 dimensional people, rather than just flat characters on a page.

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