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KM- Her Name Was Bitter: A Memoir – Mara D. Johnson

Title: Her Name Was Bitter: A Memoir

Author: Mara D. Johnson

Series: No

Category: Coming of Age/ Autobiography

Length: 259 pages

My rating: 10/10



*************DISCLAIMER: This book is not for the faint of heart, nor is this review. It deals with many different topics that are quite controversial. **************

This is one that I stumbled upon by accident, but it was definitely considered a good accident.

This is the story of Mara. She’s everything a little girl is supposed to be. A daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a grandchild. However, she is only those things in title. The family around her is oblivious to the things she goes through. A mother who has abandoned her, a father that is in and out of abusive relationships and prison, and an extended family who only uses her as a servant, unless one member of the family is molesting her. She faces her first pregnancy at 13, and forced to hide her pregnancy by the family, and put the baby up for adoption. As she grows up, things in life seem slated against her, one trouble after another befall her. Multiple pregnancies, abortions, drugs, alcohol all lead to her destruction. However, like a Phoenix, through every fire, she rises. She goes from a child who has been molested and has no direction in life or even where she’ll live the next week, to an entrepreneur, to a successful business woman, to the woman she is today. It shows that nearly anything can be overcome, and that in the end, persistence pays off. It also teaches there will be frogs to kiss before the prince arrives, and many of them can be disgusting.

This book was a real eye-opener for me. I have not been gifted with a life of pleasure and smooth sailing, but compared to this young woman, it changed my outlook. There’s always someone who has it worse than I do. I have had it quite easy compared to Mrs. Johnson. I had never even seen this closely into a situation of that nature, but reading this, I felt her pain. The words she poured out were the equivalent of blood and tears, though from the memoir, she’s shed enough of them already. I salute this woman for being strong, persistent, and respectable.




Memorable quotes – “Sometimes there is no wrong or right in feelings. You just feel the way you feel. You may not even like how you feel, but it doesn’t change that you feel that way.”

“I did not respect or listen to what people had to say, mostly because the only thing that was universal in humanity was imperfection.”

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KM-The Blacker House – Nicole Mulloy


Title: The Blacker House

Author: Nicole Mulloy

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural

Length: 334 pages

My Rating 3/10 (and that’s being generous)

This story is loosely based on a “haunted house” located in Huntington, WV. It deals with a 16 year old girl named Kate who is moved across the country with her family when he mother gets a new job. She leaves behind her boyfriend who is a freshman in college (a point  Mulloy made about 1600 times), Jacob. Most of the story is Kate moping and moaning and whining about how much she misses Jacob, but is attracted two of the guys at her new school. Some strange events start to happen in the house, such as spinning chandeliers and rocks appearing in strange places, but overall nothing too scream worthy. She teams up with the two guys she’s interested in and does some “investigation” in to the house’s history. While the backstory of the house is quite interesting, the book was overall a disappointment. It really was not worth the read. As I stated, most of the 334 pages were about Kate whining and moaning about her boyfriend.

I was just not impressed with this. It was a light read, maybe for when you feel like reading something that takes less brain cells to comprehend than watching an episode of Duck Dynasty. The history of the house could have allowed for so much potential, but it just wasn’t reached in this novel.

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KM-Baby Jack – Frank Schaeffer


Title: Baby Jack

Author: Frank Schaeffer

Series: No

Category: Fiction

Length: 320 pages

Publisher: Da Capo Press (November 9, 2007)

My Rating 10/10

This review is hard to even begin. The story is one of a young man, Jack Ogden, born in to a life of wealth and privilege, who chooses to join the Marine Corps over college. His father disapproves of his choice, as well as his girlfriend, Jessica, and ultimately decides to disown his son. Jack is deployed, and the unthinkable happens.

Afterwards, “Baby Jack” is the narrator of the story, telling of how his father ultimately breaks down, Jack’s parents’ marriage disintegrates, and the struggle Jessica faces.

This book was definitely a hard read, not because of lack of a well written base, but for the emotion involved in the story. I found myself in tears several times. Very well worth the read.

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