Your Only Friend – RJ Lindsey

Your Only Friend

Another psychological thriller. As you can tell, I’ve been on a kick lately. This novel however, I can’t say was wonderful, nor can I say it was terrible. It was a middle-of-the-road, somewhat interesting read.

Sinead is still reeling over the death of her mother and is looking for a change of scenery. Currently sharing a house with several of her college friends and working as a collector for charities, her options are limited. Until a dream opportunity arises. A room for rent with an unassuming, older man who seems to live a quiet life of order and cleanliness. However, when Sinead shows up to see the place, the man tells her the room is no longer available. She persuades him to open the room back for rent, and drains her savings to pay the deposit and rent.

Elliot, her landlord, seems helpful and caring, if also extremely socially awkward, which is great while Sinead is going through an estrangement from her friends. Rumors, seduction, misread signals, and her friends completely wiping her from the picture causes Sinead to go into a downword spiral. After an accident leaves her injured and unable to work, the issues with her friends come to a head. Meanwhile, Elliot is supportive and helps her with the mundane tasks of life that she now has difficulty completing on her own.

However, Elliot travels frequently for work, which Sinead is still not 100% sure of what his work entails. When things start to take a turn to weirdness then straight out frightening with him, Sinead hopes to regain her friendships and escape the sinister creepy man that her landlord has become. Will she survive living with him any longer?

As I stated, it was a middle-of-the-road read. It would be a perfect novel for a light read, nothing to suck you in too deeply. Not terrible, not wonderful, it just is. I wouldn’t read it again, but the first time around, it wasn’t so bad.

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