Missing Parts – Lucinda Berry

Missing Parts

Celeste has it all. A loving, doting husband, a perfect daughter, and her dream career. Her husband, David, is a stay-at-home-dad to their daughter, Rori. While Celeste seems to have it all, her life is a delicate balance and dance, knowing that she’s keeping a devastating secret. When Rori becomes sick with a rare disease that can only manifest if both parents are carriers, her secret comes out. During the years of trying to get pregnant, David and Celeste went through rigorous genetic testing, and this can only mean one thing… David is not Rori’s father. As Celeste falls apart, she is abandoned by her friends and goes on a binge. Events unfurl as she ends up drunkenly committing a crime, and winds up in Minnesota, living under a different name and working at a diner. She makes friends and begins to attend AA meetings, where her life changes, yet again.

After having abandoned her daughter, months have passed and she’s finally convinced that it’s time to return to her home and face the consequences of her actions. She returns to find that she’s barely been missed, and that David told Rori that Celeste had died, rather than tell her that her own mother abandoned her. Things don’t go exactly as Celeste expected, so what happens now?

This one was a rollercoaster. As a mother, I couldn’t abandon my child, much less while they fight for their lives in a hospital. It certainly makes you think of what you would do to keep a secret, to protect your family. When you lose it all, how would you react? But can a mother ever truly leave her child?

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