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Terminal – Michaelbrent Collings

First, let me say that I’m a long time fan of Mr. Collings, and he’s just the sweetest person ever. All horror authors eventually put out a book that is a major disappointment. Perhaps Collings never will, because this book was outstanding! I was absolutely unable to put it down.

A group of strangers are stranded in a bus terminal when an almost-living mist envelops the entire area. They are cut off from the outside world, with all electronics and phone systems down. Strangers. But are they? Connections begin to come out as all electronic devices emit the same message, essentially saying that only one person can live, and the decision of who lives must be unanimous.

An alcoholic gangster, a newlywed couple, a grandmother seeking to meet her granddaughter, an Autistic man, a woman who thinks the world owes her, a mother fiercely protecting her daughter, and a daughter who learns that perhaps her mother is her only safe space.

Unrest, suspicion, and eventually suicide and murder abound while the “Watchers” view the entire thing.

But if you escape, is it really over?

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What You Did – Claire McGowan

Six uni friends congregate for a reunion party after 25 years, and in the middle of the night, Ali’s best friend, Karen, stumbles in from the backyard, disheveled, bleeding, and stating that Ali’s husband raped her.

Ali, a chairwoman of a woman’s refuge, is dragged through the mud by the media for previously being extremely outspoken, but remaining mum when it comes to dealing with the allegations of her husband raping her best friend. She and her children are thrown in to a whirlwind, however, it is nothing like the one waiting under the layers of the secrecy held by her friends. Clandestine affairs spanning decades, long-ago murder, and shocking paternity results are all a part of this rollercoaster of a ride.


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