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KM – Revival – Stephen King

From now on, I’ll be forgoing the normal rating system,  and switching into a simpler “grading system”.
For this novel, I’d give it a B.

Starting out in the 1960’s, Revival follows Jamie Morton through life, from a young, naive child of 6, to an adult on the other side of fifty.

As a six year old in a small town, Jamie first meets Charles Jacobs, the new reverend who came to town as a young man with a young wife and small child. Reverend Jacobs introduces Jamie to his fascination with electricity and its many uses. Little did Jamie know, that small introduction would balloon out of control and become his “fifth business” that would affect the rest of his life.

After tragedy strikes, Reverend Jacobs doesn’t fare well. Not too long after, he is fired from his position as minister in the small town church. Jamie sadly thinks he will never see him again, but he couldn’t be so lucky. Jacobs will haunt him for the rest of his life.

The rest of our lives… many of us have at least a vague idea of how it will go. However, what comes after that? Heaven? Hell? Or is it something we’ve never even imagined? To what lengths will a man go just to know?

This latest novel by King was outstanding…until the end. As a lifelong fan of King, I was impressed with the novel… until the end. I won’t deny there was an M. Knight Shamalan-esque wrap up to it. Great character development,  believable dialogue, great details. The ending was lacking. If you choose to read it, be ready for a wild ride, but be warned of the ending.

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