KM- Freud’s Revenge – PJ Adams

Title: Freud’s Revenge

Author: PJ Adams

Series: No

Category: Psychological Thriller/ Mystery / Murder

Length: 298 pages

My rating: 9/10

In a private practice mental health clinic, Amanda is a psychologist that has seen just about everything, until one Monday morning, all hell breaks loose. A patient has a meltdown in the lobby, causing quite the stir among the other people at the clinic, and shaking up the staff. It’s not the first time it’s happened. However, a few days later, the clinic’s only psychiatrist winds up dead from an apparent murder. That is a first for the clinic. The detectives, headed by Nick, who has worked with Amanda in the past, have their work cut out for them during the investigation.
Who killed the slightly eccentric, annoying doctor? Was it Nancy, the bold, strong woman who couldn’t stand him? Was it the power couple that owned the clinic trying to “clean up a mess” before allegations came to light? Was it Carl, the patient who had a break down in the lobby? One of the interns? Or was it a patient whom he’d had committed, coming to take revenge?
Follow the twists and turns of the investigation and everyone’s dirty laundry is aired.

I quite enjoyed this one. Being a psychology student, I enjoyed the information that was given throughout the book. The characters were well developed and the story line was solid. Even I couldn’t have guessed the ending!


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Filed under Drama, Mystery, Psychological Thriller

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