KM – The City – Dean Koontz

Title: The City

Author: Dean Koontz

Series: Follow up to The Neighbor

Category: Action / Suspense / Coming of Age

Length: 418 pages

My rating: 6/10

It pains me to award such a low score for a Koontz novel, as he’s one of my long-time favorites. However, with the Neighbor as a preview, it never tied in to the story, nor did it explain what happened in the abandoned house.

This is the story of Jonah Kirk, from childhood to adulthood, through all of his trials and tribulations. Jonah is a strong, well-developed character, and as he deals with loss, making friends in strange places (a quiet, Japanese man; and the long and lanky socially awkward Malcolm from across the street), and a father who is nothing short of completely undesirable. His mother being a jazz singer, his father a philanderer and schemer, and two lovely grandparents, one a master of the piano and the other an angel in disguise, all coalesce into the strong willed, slightly fearless, and curious character that is Jonah Kirk.

**One note about this, it felt extremely similar to an Odd Thomas/Christopher Snow novel. It was somewhat predictable and doesn’t live up to either of the aforementioned characters’ stories.


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