KM- Finding Oblivion – Alex Gulczynski


Title: Finding Oblivion

Author: Alex Gulczynski

Series: Yes, sequel to Eustice

Category: Fiction/Horror / Thriller / Psychological

Length: 233 pages

My rating: 4/10


In this follow up to Eustice, the war is raging between Heaven and Hell, ravaging Purgatory while vying for mortal souls. Eustice is on a rescue mission for her lover who has been dragged to Hell by a demon, and Azrael is continuing to do nothing but wreak havoc on everything Eustice has come to know. She finds allies in unlikely places, and continues on her mission while trying to save the people most important to her.


I don’t usually writing scathing reviews, but this book was quite a disappointing follow up. The story line was decent, but the entire tone of the book was different than the first. Whereas the first book had a sense of seriousness to it, this one was full of cheesy one liners and flippant attitudes (relative to the situations). Not to mention the misuse of words and massive amount of typos. It took me 4 days to read what would normally take one day to finish, simply because I couldn’t take the story seriously, the failed attempt at humor made it boring, and the typos made it a real pain to read.



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