KM- False Memory – Dean Koontz



Title: False Memory

Author: Dean Koontz

Series: No; standalone novel

Category: Fiction/Horror / Thriller / Psychological

Length: 768 pages

My rating: 8/10


Delve into the depths of mind control with Martie and her husband, Dusty. Both normal people, caught up in a scheme so dangerous and widespread that it could easily end their lives at a moment, or cause them to end someone else’s with no memory.

Meet Dr. Ahriman, a renowned psychologist who has created a program that allows him to program people, and use them for his bidding.

A long-standing feud, fraught with twists and turns, bring Martie and Dusty across Ahriman’s path, and leads to quite the thrilling adventure.


This was definitely one of my favorites that Koontz has produced. Not a new release, but one I haven’t come across before. It was a non-stop action novel with likable characters that made this hard to put down. 


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