KM- The Green Mile – Stephen King


Title: The Green Mile

Author: Stephen King

Series: No

Category: Mystery,

Length:  544 pages

My Rating: 10/10

The Green Mile documents prison guard, Paul Edgecombe, and his last days working “The Green Mile”. During his time of writing his manuscript, he comes in contact with John Coffey (like the drink, but spelled different), who is unlike anyone he’s ever known. The man is a giant accused of the murder and rape of two young girls. Coffey has extraordinary powers unlike any of the hardened workers on Block E have ever encountered. As details emerge and the suspense builds, will Edgecombe and his coworkers be able to follow through with the unthinkable?

This book definitely caught me off guard. I’d seen the movie plenty of times, but never actually took the time to read the novel. It was enough to move me to tears. The gentle giant, Coffey, will completely touch your heart and reach in to its depths, and make you wonder what you could really do if you were faced with a difficult choice.


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