KM- Demon Child – Deanna Dwyer (Dean Koontz’s pseudonym)


Title: Demon Child

Author: Deanna Dwyer (Dean Koontz)

Series: No

Category: Mystery, Occult, Suspense

Length:  244 pages

My Rating: 5/10

This is one of Koontz’s earlier works under the pen-name of Deanna Dwyer. Written back in 1971 before Koontz really hit his stride and became the phenomenal author we know and love.

The plot begins with a 21 year old college graduate, Jenny, who decides to spend her summer before starting her teaching career at her rich aunt’s estate. According to her aunt Cora, there is a family curse that causes one child in every generation to howl at the moon and crave blood, basically, become a werewolf. Her cousin, Cora’s stepson, is not so convinced that it’s supernatural or occult in origin, but more psychiatric. Follow the battles that Jenny experiences between Cora and Richard, the doctors testing a poor child, Freya, and a budding romance.

For me, I could sense a bit of the Koontz-that-would-later-be. However, apparently his story telling was not at it’s peak during the Deanna Dwyer phase. It was a nice, easy read, with a nice twist ending. As much as I wish I could give higher accolades to my long-adored Koontz, I can only say the story was simply, “nice.”


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