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KM-The Vanished – Sarah Dalton


Title: The Vanished

Author: Sarah Dalton

Series: Yes, 2nd of the Blemished Series

Category: Dystopian

Length:  295 pages

My Rating: 8/10

“You’re part of the vanished now. That’s what we all are. The people who have been forgotten.”

After Mina and her friends make it out of Area 14 in hopes of being able to live a “normal life”, the secrets, lies, and conspiracies are just beginning. Her friends are divided, and the only one she can count on is her boyfriend. Even her father has been harboring secrets from her. The compounds are the place that people have fled to get out from under the control of the GEM, but there are just as many adversaries there, especially toward Mina and her friends for bringing Sebastian with them. With a war brewing on the Horizon, and a new group of people with “special” abilities akin to Mina, will she be able to survive and keep her new family in tact?

This was a great follow up, that definitely didn’t suffer from the sophomore slump. It was quite gripping, and a fantastic story line. The characters are well developed, well-spoken, and seem to be as real as you and I. Dalton definitely has no issue making her characters in to 3 dimensional people, rather than just flat characters on a page.

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KM- The Blemished – Sarah Dalton


Title: The Blemished

Author: Sarah Dalton

Series: Yes, 1st of the Blemished Series

Category: Dystopian

Length:  301 pages

My Rating: 9/10

In Dystopian London, Mina is “Blemished”. “Blem” as the “GEM”s call them. The government is run by the Genetic Enhancement Ministry, which takes genes from parents and mixes them with long dead movie stars,  models, etc. to create genetically superior human beings. Birth is outlawed, and all Blems receive the “operation” at age 16 to stop them from ever breeding, because they are imperfect.

While the Blems and GEMs attend the same school, they are segregated. GEMs are taught regular subjects, while the Blem females are taught to be servants, nannies, etc. for the GEMs. The Blemished boys are merely taught to work.

Mina has a problem beyond just being blemished. She also holds a secret power that she must keep hidden. Can she establish a life in the new section with this secret on her shoulders?

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