KM-Misery’s Curse – J. Belinda Yandell


Title: Misery’s Curse

Author: J. Belinda Yandell

Series: Yes (#3 of the Cadian Chronicles)

Category: Drama / Historical Fiction / Mystery / Fantasy

Length:  261 pages

My Rating: 8/10

Misery’s Curse continues on with Lillitha and King Scearce’s daughter and her adventures after her father’s kingdom falls to the forces of the Shallan and Chancellor Paglia. She falls in to the care of an unlikely candidate, and he does the best he can to protect her. They seek shelter in any way they can, and find that even the ones they thought could be counted on, can’t be, when faced with Tey Myssirati.

Through side streets, gypsie camps, etc., straight in to the arms of Cadia-dedre Osane, Leah must find and forge her own path. She finds more allies in unexpected places, and moves amongst those that she felt the most gilted by, the Cadia. She enters as a novice, and must hide her true identity.

Chancellor Paglia, however, may finally be coming undone. Leah realizes she has inherited her mother’s gift of tadomani and has visions she can’t quite understand yet, but with the help of Cadia-dedre Osane, she will learn to hone her skills in each field, and to work her gifts to her advantage.

This series has continued to be quite enthralling. My main complaint is that the next one is not out yet. However, I’m noticing more and more typos and grammar inconsistencies as the series progresses, almost as though the author is in such a hurry to get it finished that she is overlooking the basics. With common sense though, the missing words and errors can easily be overlooked.


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Filed under Action, Drama, Historical Fiction, Romance, Series

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