KMThe Doll Collection – Joanna Stephen-Ward


Title: The Doll Collection

Author: Joanna Stephen-Ward

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Psychological Thriller

Length:  253 pages

My Rating: 5.5/10

The Doll Collection is the story of a woman named Gloria, who is the embodiment of evil. Strange things happen to people who cross Gloria. A best friend who steals her boyfriend ends up dying from a peanut allergy. A landlord who talks badly about her falls down the stairs to the basement and dies.

Gloria has a doll collection, and each doll bears a resemblance to the ones around her that have died. Now, she is subletting from a young man named Maurice. She comes in to his house and cleans and changes everything, insisting they become engaged, and he reluctantly just goes along with her. He finds her peculiar, but doesn’t think of her as too much of a threat. At least, not at first. He has enough of his own drama going on in life to worry much about her. He’s struggling to make ends meet as his landlords desperately try to evict him.

The landlords open new flats next door to Maurice and Gloria. A beautiful, young, newlywed couple in the ground flat, and a young, gorgeous, freshly single freelance writer moves in to the upper flat. At first, Gloria tries to be nice and friendly, but quickly begins to resent them, for no real reason at all. The neighbors are off put by her and her prying, and poor Maurice is subjected to constant streams of chatter and gossip from Gloria. During her rants, he starts to realize she may be a bit off balance, and he begins to fear her.

The neighbors are overheard talking negatively about Gloria, and she tells her dolls that very soon, they may have three new friends…..

I found this to be an interesting novel, but the ending was quite anti-climatic for the build up it was given. And it’s hard to differentiate in who was the main character, whether it was Maurice or Gloria. Either way, it was a nice, quick read, and sometimes hard to put down because you never knew what Gloria would do next. I gave it a fairly low rating because of how disappointing the ending was.


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Filed under Action, Drama, Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Thriller

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