KM-Affliction – David Jester


Title: Affliction (A Forever After Story)

Author: David Jester

Series: Yes (#2 – Follow up to Forever After)

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural

Length:  97 pages

My Rating: 2/10

I was not very impressed with the first of this series, Forever After, which was previously reviewed. However, I chose to give the sequel a chance in the hopes that the writing was better. It was not a good choice.

The story picks up where Michael, a grim reaper, is visiting his therapist and talking about how he and Chip, his roommate/ tooth fairy are trying to track down a sadistic serial killer who brutally butchers women and leaves them in obvious places to be found, sometimes even in broad daylight. All Michael is able to get from one of the souls he collects is that she smelled a hot menthol smell before she died. None of them can identify their killer. Meanwhile, at a bar one night, Michael meets a charismatic woman who enraptures him, and the frontman of a band that’s playing in the new establishment. The singer seems overly friendly and Michael is a bit put off by his overly eager antics. Meanwhile, the killer is leaving clues for only Michael to find, and even goes as far as to leave a package on his front door step. Will Michael and Chip be able to find out who the killer is and stop him before he gets to more women in Michael’s area?

Again, I was highly unimpressed by Jester’s writing. It lacks fluidity and decent transition. I still think he had a great idea for all of it, just lacks the skill to deliver it correctly. It’s less than 100 pages, and only $.99, but if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have even paid that for it. Definitely not worth the read.


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Filed under Action, Drama, Fiction, Series, Supernatural

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