KM-The Shadow Walker – S. L. Madden


Title: The Shadow Walker

Author: S. L. Madden

Series: No

Category: Drama / Action / Supernatural

Length: Approx. 291 pages

My Rating 8/10

The Shadow Walker is the tale of a young man named Thomas Hurd, abandoned via emancipation by his parents, who chose to stay in his own hometown. Thomas doesn’t really have any special powers, unless you count being socially awkward as a super power. He watches people. Working as a delivery man for a local pizza place, Thomas learns the names of the people in his town, and after work, takes a different route every night of the week to watch the residents of his town. He’s not a pervert, he’s not a stalker, he merely does not understand or know how to interact with people. Therefore, by watching them, he feels closer to them.

Until one night, as he watches one of his favorite houses, the home of an elderly couple very much still in love. He sees a shadow leaning over the gentleman, after the wife has already kissed him goodnight. The next morning, he learns the gentleman has died.

With recurring nightmares of drowning and a skeletal tree, a best friend who does not approve or like Thomas’s new love interest (Maddi), shadow creatures stalking the resident of the town, a past hidden by his subconscious reappearing, and a dysfunctional family, Thomas must face a lot of adversity. It all comes together in a wonderful, suspenseful tale, and a challenge for Thomas to save the entire human race.


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Filed under Action, Drama, Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Supernatural, Young Adult

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