KM-Apparition – Michaelbrent Collings




Title: Apparition

Author: Michaelbrent Collings

Series: No

Category: Drama / Action / Supernatural

Length: Approx. 425 pages

My Rating 9/10


Apparition is the story of two children, Ella and Matthew Wills, who face one of the most horrific instances that any child could ever fear to encounter. Their loving, normal, sane  mother, one night decides to attempt to kill both children, and gravely wounds the father in the process. They are attempting to move on, when the same horror faces them yet again. They seem to sense something strange in their new house, and a simmering anger boiling underneath the surface of their usually mild, adoring father.

What causes parents to kill their children? It’s an all-too-common occurrence, although it goes completely against human nature. Everyone knows a parent’s first instinct is to automatically protect their children, even above themselves, so what could possibly possess a mother or father to want to harm the ones they should treasure and protect above all others? Is there a gene, a level of insanity that they’re pushed to, or is it something worse…something that can’t be escaped?

Another outstanding novel by Michaelbrent Collings. I couldn’t put it down. I was gripped in the throes of horror, enchantment, and complete fascination through the entire thing. It was definitely a one day novel, since I couldn’t bring myself to put it down!


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Filed under Drama, Fiction, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Supernatural

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