KM-Forever After – David Jester


Title: Forever After

Author: David Jester

Series: Yes

Category: Drama / Action / Supernatural

Length: Approx. 259 pages

My Rating 5/10

Forever After follows Michael Holland, a grim reaper, through his adventures in the drug ridden, prostitute-filled town of Brittleside. His roommate, a gross, ill-mannered, and yet somehow entertaining tooth fairy named Chip, along with their mutual friend Naff, who works in the records department of “purgatory” are chasing down a deranged demon who thinks he is Santa Claus. Several other adventures intertwine to form a decent read, from how Michael became a reaper, his first love in his new life, and the people who help him along the way.

For me, this book was somewhat disappointing. I felt as though the idea that David Jester had was brilliant, although the delivery was lacking. Jester often jumped from story line to story line within this book, and it was sometimes difficult to keep up with what was current and what was a flashback for Michael. It seemed a bit unorganized and spontaneous rather than well thought out. However, I found it just interesting enough that I will follow up on the sequels to see if (and hope) the story lines improve, because I felt like there was a great premise, good character development, just lacking in organization.


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Filed under Action, Drama, Fiction, Ghost Stories, Series, Supernatural

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