KM-The Loon – MichaelBrent Collings


Title: The Loon

Author: MichaelBrent Collings

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural / Action / Thriller

Length: 374 pages

My Rating 9.5/10

The Crane Institue, a high security, isolated place for the most criminally insane, is often commonly referred to by staff as “The Loon”. There is a white out coming, a Montana storm that will knock out all communications, television, etc. The staff is preparing for a lockdown and putting their faith in a generator in case of power outage, which would back up the electromagnetic locks on the cells for 127 of the worlds most awful criminals. One of my favorite quotes,

“of the one hundred twenty-seven men at the end of this corridor,

one hundred twenty-six of them would be more than happy to pull your

eyes out with their fingers and eat them.”

“What about the last one?”

“If the others are evil, that one is the devil.”

The story follows the turmoils of Dr. Paul Wiseman’s past and the convergence of several lives who all end up, for one reason or another, taking shelter at the Loon at one of the most dangerous times in the history of the institute. While the doctor, the unexpected visitors, the guards, and staff fight to survive, there is unleashed a horror more awful than any of the inmates of the institute, and secrets unravel about the truth about what the owner, Dr. Crane, is really working towards by running the institute.

This was an amazing read, in my opinion. I was highly impressed, as I’ve never read anything by MichaelBrent Collings before, and had heretofore never even heard his name. However, just from reading this one novel, I have purchased several of his others, and am grouping him with The Greats (Stephen King & Dean Koontz). It seems as though my two authors to watch have become a trio!


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Filed under Action, Drama, Fiction, Horror, Mystery

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