KM-Destined: Book 3 of the Desolation Series – Ali Cross


Title: Destined

Author: Ali Cross

Series: Yes, Book 3/3

Category: YA/Supernatural

Length: 378 pages

Publisher: Novel Ninjutsu (first published December 10th 2012)

My Rating: 9.5/10

Choices are bad for Desolation, because she never seems to make the correct one. The battle rages on of good vs evil within Desi. Those around her are in increasing danger, and the book begins with Desolation in a position where she can do nothing to help. Her friends associated with the Hallowed show that there is no cost too great to rescue her. Michael is forbidden to reach her by Odin.

On Earth, the true battle has begun. Helena, Goddess of Helheimer, has joined forces with the Gods of other worlds in order to bring Midgard down. Will Desolation, the Hallowed, and her newfound allies in Asgard be able to stop the destruction?

This was a fantastic ending to the series, with quite a few reveals. You learn more about the characters that intrigued throughout the story, including Longinus, Fiahre, and of course, Loki (Lucifer).

My only regret is that the series won’t continue, because the big “reveal” toward the end could lead to an entire new series.


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Filed under Action, Romance, Supernatural, Young Adult

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