KM-Desolate – Book 2 of the Desolation Series – Ali Cross


Title: Desolate

Author: Ali Cross

Series: Yes, Book 2/3

Category: YA/Supernatural

Length: 335 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 31, 2012)

My Rating: 9/10

Desolation, daughter of Lucifer, continues on her journey through Earth. Unknown evils are coming, and she still struggles with her own identity. She is faced with the choice of returning to her home, in Hell, with her familiar, cold, dark, rooms and lack of emotions. She longs for it. However, on Earth, she now has people she cares for. People that she believes are worth saving. She is faced with the ultimate choice, remain on Earth and save her best friend, Miri; or send her beloved, Michael, to Hell?

Once the choice is made, Miri begins to have dreams of a coming evil. The Hallowed, a group assembled to fight Loki and his demons, and hopefully stop the Ragnarok, are even unaware of what could be coming.

A new demon arises, one that even Desi, who spent eons in Hell, is unfamiliar with. And so begins the battle. Good versus evil. Love against the actions that would be better for the human race. And sometimes, the choices blur the lines between good and evil. Are those choices permanent?


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Filed under Action, Drama, Romance, Series, Supernatural, Young Adult

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