KM-Become – Desolation Series Book 1- Ali Cross

**This book is free in Kindle Edition at this time. If you discover that it is no longer free. please let me know.**


Title: Become

Author: Ali Cross

Series: Yes, Book 1/3

Category: YA/Supernatural

Length: 344 pages

Publisher: Ninjas Write Publishing (November 7, 2011)

My Rating: 9.5/10

This book caught me off guard. I was browsing for something to read and stumbled across this. The story immediately sucked me in. It’s a wonderful mix of light vs dark, the battle for Asgard (Heaven) Midgard (Earth) and Hell.

The book follows the story of a sixteen-year-old girl (outwardly, in appearances) named Desolation. She is the daughter of Lucifer, and all she knows of her mother is that she died in childbirth. In her rooms in Hel, she often spars with Lucifer’s right hand man, Akaros, where he urges her to Become. One day after sparring, she is begrudgingly sent to Earth as a tool for Lucifer to help lead others into his kindgom. When she gets there, she lives with a “friend” of her father’s and his son. Things seem to take a turn quickly when she goes from pretending to pass as a normal human, to actually developing human connections. A young girl, Miri, who needs her help. A boy in her classes, Michael, whom she somehow feels a connection to and has no idea why. A group of people called the Hallowed who teach her that there is much more to her than meets the eye, and that her father is preparing for the Ragnarok (The Apocalypse) and it may be nearer than any of them suspected. Desi thought she knew all there was to know of Hell, all of it’s secrets and the stories. She quickly learns that not everything she knows is true, nor complete, not only in regards to Hell, but also about herself.

The book follow’s Desi’s war between doing what she was sent for and what she truly wants to do; obeying her father or helping her newfound friends; and the most devastating battle of all: the battle of who she is. Does she have a choice to be anything other than a demon?

The author does a fantastic job of telling a coming of age tale, a young person’s struggle to find out who they are, while mixing in Norse mythology and action.



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