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KM-Angelic – L. P. Swalheim


Title: Angelic

Author: L. P. Swalheim

Series: Yes – Book 1

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural

Length: 427 pages

My Rating 5/10

This book was almost exactly if the Desolation series by Ali Cross and Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer were mixed in a blender. It wasn’t bad, but then again, I enjoyed the Twilight series. It was fairly well paced, nice content. I was just disappointed by the fact that it was almost exactly like Twilight and Desolation. For the first few chapters, I had to check the cover to make sure it wasn’t one of those.

Sixteen year old Ariel is asked to show the new guy around school, and is immediately taken aback by his beauty. She knows he’s keeping something from her, and things start to happen that at first intimidate, then threaten, Ariel and Liam’s lives. Together, they set out on a mission to discover what their relationship may have to do with the end of the world.

Due to the events in this first book, I’m curious to see how the rest of the series will turn out. In itself, it could have been a standalone book. There were quite a few events that could have been spread out in to several books as well, with more details. I’ll be checking out the rest of the series just to see what happens.


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KM-The Blacker House – Nicole Mulloy


Title: The Blacker House

Author: Nicole Mulloy

Series: No

Category: Drama / Fiction / Supernatural

Length: 334 pages

My Rating 3/10 (and that’s being generous)

This story is loosely based on a “haunted house” located in Huntington, WV. It deals with a 16 year old girl named Kate who is moved across the country with her family when he mother gets a new job. She leaves behind her boyfriend who is a freshman in college (a point  Mulloy made about 1600 times), Jacob. Most of the story is Kate moping and moaning and whining about how much she misses Jacob, but is attracted two of the guys at her new school. Some strange events start to happen in the house, such as spinning chandeliers and rocks appearing in strange places, but overall nothing too scream worthy. She teams up with the two guys she’s interested in and does some “investigation” in to the house’s history. While the backstory of the house is quite interesting, the book was overall a disappointment. It really was not worth the read. As I stated, most of the 334 pages were about Kate whining and moaning about her boyfriend.

I was just not impressed with this. It was a light read, maybe for when you feel like reading something that takes less brain cells to comprehend than watching an episode of Duck Dynasty. The history of the house could have allowed for so much potential, but it just wasn’t reached in this novel.

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KM-Baby Jack – Frank Schaeffer


Title: Baby Jack

Author: Frank Schaeffer

Series: No

Category: Fiction

Length: 320 pages

Publisher: Da Capo Press (November 9, 2007)

My Rating 10/10

This review is hard to even begin. The story is one of a young man, Jack Ogden, born in to a life of wealth and privilege, who chooses to join the Marine Corps over college. His father disapproves of his choice, as well as his girlfriend, Jessica, and ultimately decides to disown his son. Jack is deployed, and the unthinkable happens.

Afterwards, “Baby Jack” is the narrator of the story, telling of how his father ultimately breaks down, Jack’s parents’ marriage disintegrates, and the struggle Jessica faces.

This book was definitely a hard read, not because of lack of a well written base, but for the emotion involved in the story. I found myself in tears several times. Very well worth the read.

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KM-Destined: Book 3 of the Desolation Series – Ali Cross


Title: Destined

Author: Ali Cross

Series: Yes, Book 3/3

Category: YA/Supernatural

Length: 378 pages

Publisher: Novel Ninjutsu (first published December 10th 2012)

My Rating: 9.5/10

Choices are bad for Desolation, because she never seems to make the correct one. The battle rages on of good vs evil within Desi. Those around her are in increasing danger, and the book begins with Desolation in a position where she can do nothing to help. Her friends associated with the Hallowed show that there is no cost too great to rescue her. Michael is forbidden to reach her by Odin.

On Earth, the true battle has begun. Helena, Goddess of Helheimer, has joined forces with the Gods of other worlds in order to bring Midgard down. Will Desolation, the Hallowed, and her newfound allies in Asgard be able to stop the destruction?

This was a fantastic ending to the series, with quite a few reveals. You learn more about the characters that intrigued throughout the story, including Longinus, Fiahre, and of course, Loki (Lucifer).

My only regret is that the series won’t continue, because the big “reveal” toward the end could lead to an entire new series.

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KM-Desolate – Book 2 of the Desolation Series – Ali Cross


Title: Desolate

Author: Ali Cross

Series: Yes, Book 2/3

Category: YA/Supernatural

Length: 335 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 31, 2012)

My Rating: 9/10

Desolation, daughter of Lucifer, continues on her journey through Earth. Unknown evils are coming, and she still struggles with her own identity. She is faced with the choice of returning to her home, in Hell, with her familiar, cold, dark, rooms and lack of emotions. She longs for it. However, on Earth, she now has people she cares for. People that she believes are worth saving. She is faced with the ultimate choice, remain on Earth and save her best friend, Miri; or send her beloved, Michael, to Hell?

Once the choice is made, Miri begins to have dreams of a coming evil. The Hallowed, a group assembled to fight Loki and his demons, and hopefully stop the Ragnarok, are even unaware of what could be coming.

A new demon arises, one that even Desi, who spent eons in Hell, is unfamiliar with. And so begins the battle. Good versus evil. Love against the actions that would be better for the human race. And sometimes, the choices blur the lines between good and evil. Are those choices permanent?

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KM-The Jester – James Patterson


Title: The Jester

Author: James Patterson and Andrew Gross

Series: No

Category: Historical Fiction / Action / Mystery

Length: 496 pages

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (February 1, 2004)

My Rating: 8/10

This was quite the deviation from Mr. Patterson. And not a trip down lovers lane, as some of his more deviant works were. This was a trip into the past.

The Jester takes place from about the year 1090, and tells of a young innkeeper named Hugh that takes off to fight in the Crusades, leaving his young bride at home. After over a year spent traveling and fighting, he decides to desert the battles and return home. Upon his return, he expects nothing more than to be greeted by his wife. However, he is greeted by the ruins of his inn lying in a pile of ashes and the news that his wife has been taken. He must then embark on the dangerous mission to locate and rescue his wife, before the last thing he loves is also taken from him.

From the battle scenes to the anguish, from the jokes to the holy relics, it’s a great story line. I couldn’t put it down. Yet another of Patterson’s page-turners. The story is complicated, but interwoven so well that the turns and twists nearly have you jumping on edge, just waiting to see what will happen next.

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Title: Fireproof

Author: Eric Wilson, Alex Kendrick , Stephen Kendrick

Series: No

Category: Religious / Drama / Romance

Length: 320 pages

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (September 2, 2008)

My Rating: 7/10

“Inside burning buildings, Captain Caleb Holt lives by the firefighters adage: Never leave your partner. Yet at home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules.”

Fireproof was instantly gripping. I made the mistake of beginning it at about 10p.m., and it was nearly 4 a.m. before I reached was able to stop. Not even coming to a point that I was willing to stop at, I finally couldn’t keep my eyes open.

This is the story of a firefighter that puts everything on the line for his job, but does a less than satisfactory job at being a husband. His wife, Catherine, is finally at her wits end. At first, Caleb is indignant and decides to give up. His father convinces him to follow a plan for forty days, and see what happens. The transformations that Caleb goes through are amazing. He finds faith in God, and every aspect of his life is changed.

It’s got great scenes (fire calls; two good structure fire scenes, one intense vehicle accident), amusing chatter (you’ll come to love Wayne and Terrell), and serious every-day issues that we all deal with at one point or another. It’s a very touching story.

Honestly, this book made me think about my own standing with God. And it gave me a new insight into marriage and relationships. I don’t think I’ll ever take another relationship so lightly. It really inspires thought and revelations. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone in a serious relationship, looking for inspiration, and definitely for married couples. Also a great read for firefighters, as I know we tend to have a more difficult time with relationships than most people.

Here’s a great quote from it: “Marriages aren’t fireproof. Sometimes you get burned.” “Fireproof doesn’t mean that a fire will never come, but that when it comes you’ll be able to withstand it.”

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KM-Become – Desolation Series Book 1- Ali Cross

**This book is free in Kindle Edition at this time. If you discover that it is no longer free. please let me know.**

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